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Long-term changes in heart rate variability in elementary school–aged children with sleep-disordered breathing
Sleep Medicine, 01/21/2014  Clinical Article

Vlahandonis A, et al. – Sleep–disordered breathing (SDB) in adults and children has been associated with reduced heart rate variability (HRV) indicative of autonomic dysfunction, which in turn is associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular morbidity. However, the long–term effects of pediatric SDB that has either resolved or remains unresolved on HRV are unknown. HRV did not differ between non snoring children and children with resolved and unresolved SDB four years after initial diagnosis, concomitant with a significant reduction in OAHI in both SDB groups. All groups demonstrated a decrease in HRV from baseline to follow–up which may reflect an age–related phenomenon in these children.

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